First roll of 35mm




4 Responses to “First roll of 35mm”

  1. 1 emily

    ace!! these turned out GREAT for your first roll!!
    they are so ‘you’ too! they make a great series!!!
    i hope you are proud!

  2. 2 m.o.m.

    such a clean room. makes a mama proud! nice shots ace!

  3. Ace…
    What the funk can I say?
    You can some cot’ damn good pictures.
    Straight great.
    I mean , Ill start a gang war with someone if they say other-wise.

  4. 4 robots200

    ace! nice dude, just got my first roll of 35 out, i have to work on my exposure.

    I was just gonna ask what film camera you have, and what model nikon that is


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